Dead Crows

Winner: Shriekfest Best Feature Screenplay
Finalist: Stage 32 New Blood Screenwriting Contest
Placed: Slamdance, Screamfest LA, International Horror and Film Festival, Screencraft Horror

Four strangers—a mercenary, a noblewoman, a priest, and a feral huntress—cross paths in medieval France, but must set aside their differences and band together for survival when the dead rise up to attack the living.

> The Night Parade

In production at Candleridge Entertainment.

Two brothers return to their hometown and find it under the sway of a strange force that inexorably draws the inhabitants into a seemingly endless forest.

Dolan's Cadillac

Adapted from the short story by Stephen King.

A school teacher struggles with his own sanity as he enacts a monstrous plan of revenge against the powerful crime lord who murdered his wife.

The Jacob Marley Project (short film)

Jacob wakes to find himself in a nightmare. The reality is far worse.


> Freelancer

Background fiction, in-game text, and interactive scripts. A spiritual successor to both the Wing Commander and Privateer franchises with a deeply imagined universe and back story.

> Deus Ex (2000)

Background fiction, cut scenes, in-game text, and incidental dialog. Deus Ex has been widely hailed as one of the best PC games of all time and received numerous awards for its storytelling including a BAFTA.

The in-game novel, Jacob's Shadow, can be found here.


> Amazon Lumberyard - Senior Technical Program Manager

> Destiny 2 - Senior Narrative Producer

> Star Wars: The Old Republic - Development Director

> Wing Commander 3 - Programmer